Episode 29

Are My Goals Big Enough?

Welcome to another Monday episode of Big Questions, Short Answers! IMO, the goals you set should make you uncomfortable, and maybe even scare you. So today, we’re discussing how I found out that mine weren’t big enough, and how to examine yours.

Listen in as I share how I went from thinking small and setting goals just within an arm’s reach to really pushing myself, and the early seeds that planted a lot of growth—not just for me, but for my company, Accelity. 

Finally, at the end of the episode, we are going to discuss auditing who is in your circle and why that matters in relation to setting huge goals. Growth can be uncomfortable, but the results are also so incredibly rewarding. If you want more tips on how to grow via setting goals, this episode is for you! 

Episode Highlights:

00:50 Your goals should make you uncomfortable, and they should scare you. 

2:45 It’s been easy to lose sight of those big goals while we’re surviving these past couple of years, but my mind is opening up to new things. 

4:02 I think a lot of people take pleasure in other people’s misery. Comparing yourself to make sure you’re doing better doesn’t make you any better. 

4:22 The people that I spend time with now are big thinkers, and they’re action takers. 

4:48 They challenge me, they don’t put up with my crap, and they make me think larger. 


Jackie Hermes





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