Episode 112

Stop chasing your ideal customers: make them come to you w/ Jason Vana

In this episode of Startup Survival, we talk about what is, of course, one of my personal favorite topics: marketing. I see sales and marketing teams everywhere running massive outreach programs without putting a brand in place that is compelling to your buyers, leading to mixed results at best. 

I’m joined by Jason Vana, a brand and content strategist for B2B companies. He’s an expert in helping businesses attract their ideal customers so that the prospects are reaching out to sales—not the other way around. 

In this episode Jason and I discuss the value of branding, how to convince the C-suite that the brand is valuable and the differences between B2B and B2C strategies. Make sure you tune in for his thoughts on how personal brands fit into the larger B2B content strategy.

About Jason Vana

Jason is a brand and content strategist who has turned unknown B2B companies into world-wide brands. In 2021, he founded SHFT, a brand positioning agency focused on developing brand strategies, brand design, and content strategies that positions businesses as the only choice for their ideal customers. Prior to that, he developed a strategy that took a relatively unknown B2B manufacturing company and turned it into the preferred vendor for the world’s largest food processing companies and drove them to $40M+ in ARR. In his spare time, he’s hiking, biking, traveling, or ripping on bad brand and marketing tactics online as #sassyjason.




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