Episode 17

What are the key ingredients to success?

In this episode of Big Questions, Short Answers, we talk about the key ingredients to success. They are not necessarily what you think they are. The ingredients we are talking about are not material things at all.  Money and connections may enable you to move faster but many people blow their “leg up” by making dumb choices or being impatient. And most people give up before they even have a chance to taste the success they want because they miss those key ingredients we’re talking about in this episode.  

Episode highlights:

00:58 - You need 1) a smart plan, 2) the dedication to work hard, 3) consistency, and 4) patience. 

04:03 - What I was missing during those years was a solid growth plan and some of the resources. I am in the place I am today only because of consistency, hard work, and patience. 

04:33 - If you’re struggling right now or wondering if what you’re doing is working, take a look at your plan. 

05:02 - Stay patient, stay consistent, stay humble, and remember: there is really no such thing as an overnight success. 


Jackie Hermes





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