Episode 25

Bad advice: finding mentors & coaches

Welcome to another Friday episode of S*%! People Say! Today, we’re talking about bad advice and how to go about finding GOOD mentors and coaches. IMO, most advice is bad advice. Make sure you vet the people you’re taking advice from.

Early in my career, I was really skeptical of the advice of others. I wondered how valuable mentors and coaches would be for me and it took me a little too long to get onboard with having a coach.

In this episode, we’ll also dive into social media perception. We’ve chatted about this before: if people look like they have it really good, make sure they actually do before you take their advice. 

At the end of this episode, we discuss how to find coaches and mentors that you trust. If you’re looking for a coach, make sure you find someone you jive with, who holds you accountable and challenges you to be the best version of yourself! 

Episode Highlights:

02:12 I truly believe that mentors and coaches are one of the major keys to success. 

03:30 I typically look for humble people that I respect who are on the same path as me and only give advice when I ask for it. 

05:04 When you are looking for mentors, the biggest thing is respect. Look for someone who has proven themselves. They have done what you want them to do and are willing to help you get where they are. 

07:48 When you are looking for a coach, make sure that you find someone who guides you and asks questions (versus telling you what to do). And accountability is key.

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