Episode 24

How to spend less time in meetings

Listen to this Startup Survival episode if you’ve ever been a victim of a meeting that should’ve been an email. (Okay, that’s everyone.) Today, we are talking all about why spending less time in meetings is crucial for your success. 

First, we’ll talk about auditing your schedule to ensure the time you spend is productive and that you leave the time needed to get focused work done. Honestly, I think I could record an entire hour on the tactical ways to get this done—but to stick with the promise of this podcast (10 minutes or less!), I’ll cover two solid ways to protect your time.

At the end of the episode, I leave you with one bonus tip on saying NO politely. Remember, friends, make sure the way you spend your time is lockstep your long-term goals!

Episode Highlights:

00:45 I think we are too nice to say no or have a hard time deciphering what is exactly worth our time and what isn’t. 

01:18 How to audit your schedule to ensure that the time you spend is truly the best use of it. 

04:08 You should have a minimum of two hours a day where you are super focused, and nothing can come between you and the focused work.

05:49 Make sure that every meeting has an agenda. 

07:09 I made it a company-wide policy that my team should leave meetings when they are not needed. 

08:00 Learn how to say no politely; this is an art that we all have to master to protect our time. 

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