Episode 2

Do you ask yourself the important questions?

In this episode of Big Questions, Short Answers, we talk about the important questions you should be asking yourself on a regular basis. Personally, I have always filled my schedule to the brim. This left very little time for me. Maybe you can relate? It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to take the time to spend time by myself and really think. 

One way I do this now is by journaling, it helps me set an intention that I never did before starting this practice. The ‘High-Performance Habits Journal’ truly helps me align with my day, my creative process and my priorities. I also have gone public and ask questions on forums and my LinkedIn. These questions can range from personal, to mindset, to business, to productivity – they are all over the board. 

Do you ask yourself important questions? Things such as: Do you like this person you have become? Are you happy? If you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably have noticed I frequently answer questions asked by readers as well. I genuinely believe that we all can learn something from each other, and hopefully, some of these habits can help keep you accountable too. 

Episode Highlights

0:59 - We fill our schedules to the brim and we overcommit ourselves to avoid having to feel feelings.

02:56 - Do I wanna do what I'm doing everyday? Am I happy? These are big huge questions that we have been asking ourselves?

05:12 - Starting to journal really forced me to ask myself those questions and answer them every single day. 

7:24 The public accountability and the public support of you asking these questions and digging into your own mind is crazy and it’s key for me.

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