Episode 3

Hiring mistakes & how to survive them

In this Startup Survival episode, we talk about something that has been on everyone’s mind lately: hiring. Maybe you’ve heard of the ‘mass exodus’ in 2021? So many people are leaving jobs due to thousands of new jobs being posted out there every day with not enough people to fill them. 

(Which, for a quick sidebar, PSA: Never talk bad about a former employee or employer. It just won’t get you very far.) 

My company had an experience with this ‘exodus’ a little earlier in late 2020, so hopefully, my pain can be your gain with the lessons learned (especially lessons in the last 6 months). Some of these lessons came from mistakes, lack of policies, or not asking enough questions in the hiring process.

In the startup world, every single hire is important. Bottom line: We are all growing and making mistakes. These lessons are hopefully things that will help you out when you are hiring. 

Episode highlights:

01:50 - If you are looking for a new job, or hiring, you do not talk poorly about employees or your former employers, even if things didn't go right when you were there. 

02:36 - You have to be insanely upfront in the hiring process. Tell people what challenges they are going to encounter when they join your company.

04:29 - Do not make policies that force employees or potential employees to hide things from you. 

07:11 - Stop hiring employees because you like them or because they like you. Make sure that you’re looking for the skills fit. 

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