Episode 4

Doubters & haters

This week during our S*%! People Say episode, we're talking about people that doubt and/or hate on you. During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been met with plenty of criticism from both doubters and haters. While growing any company, and as you work to find a new career, plenty of negative opinions will be given along the way. So how do you deal with the unknown? What about unfair judgment and negative opinions? 

I want to share with you a little more today about how I’ve dealt with both doubters and haters. (They are both rooted in their own fears. I often imagine the negativity must impact their life in a variety of ways as well.) 

Over the years, I’ve found many ways to try and sympathize with the people who are being critical. It’s not easy, but you absolutely do not have to take on the negativity. Remember that success is absolutely a mental game, and no matter what people say to you, how you react is 90% of what matters. 

Episode highlights:

02:26 - I think that a doubter’s message comes from within themselves, from their own internal insecurities. 

03:20 - A hater’s message comes from their own feelings about themselves. They seek out things to hate on.  

06:05 - I try to sympathize with my doubters and with my haters. Instead of being a screwed-up person, I try to stand in their shoes. 

08:40 - The doubt and the hate are absolutely not about you. Getting to a place where you do not immediately react in an emotional way is a really good first step. 

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