Episode 22

When people lash out at you

In today’s S*%! People Say episode, we’re discussing what to do when people lash out at you. Of course, it goes without saying, people will inevitably lash out at you here and there—but not always for the reasons you think.

People lash out in all different ways. Having a fairly active personal brand, it happens to me all the time on social media via comments, DMs, etc. Unfortunately, lashing out also happens in real life with your friends and family. Often in this case, it’s actually because they trust you or are closest to you… I’ll tell you how I learned this and what I do with this information.

Finally, at the end of the episode, we will get into how to respond when someone is lashing out at you. Stay strong out there, my friends!

Episode highlights:

02:51 - Give yourself one hour to feel all of your feelings and to rage.

05:13 - People that are close to you lash out at you because they trust you. They feel comfortable acting in a way that they may not feel comfortable acting in other situations. 

06:29 - The most important thing to know about someone lashing out at you is that retaliating is about the worst thing that you can do. 

07:12 - If you can take a deep breath and take in what they are saying, and maybe even relate to them, it will take you a long way in these situations.


Jackie Hermes





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